Bye Bye Bloat: 6 Days of Digestion – The Recipe Book

March 31, 2021

The recipe book to accompany the Bye Bye Bloat: 6 Days of Digestion eCourse

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The recipe book to accompany the Bye Bye Bloat: 6 Days of Digestion eCourse



The Recipe book contains over 40 recipes with side dishes covering everything from breakfast to mains to some after dinner treats. 

If you’re doing the Bye Bye Bloat: 6 Days of Digestion eCourse this is a great value upgrade to get more out of the principles taught in the course and get really confident & creative in the kitchen while you’re at it. This is an ebook, you will receive the digital file in your inbox after purchasing.

This collection of whole food recipes is all about making meal choices balanced and delicious. As discussed in Bye Bye Bloat: 6 Days of Digestion, the eCourse that accompanies this recipe book, the object is to enjoy three balanced meals daily that promote amazing digestion.

We’ll get you off the snacking train by keeping you full for longer, giving your gut the rest it needs in-between meals and not placing a burden on your digestive system with imbalanced or processed meals that are difficult to break down and can result in digestive woe. The added benefit being that you are providing your body with all the nutrients it needs for you to face your day with more energy & feeling fabulous.

I’ve focused on main meals which are great for lunch leftovers but of course I couldn’t help myself but add some yummy snacks, sides and chocolate recipes – cocoa is a bitter too you know!?

What you can look forward to:

  • My homemade digestive bitter tonic recipe & Tummy Tea recipe to support digestion
  • Sweet & savoury breakfast recipes
  • Lots of main meal recipes including healthy chicken schnitzel, quick stir fries, melt in your mouth fish and plenty of delicious sides.
  • Simple lunches and leftover inspiration.
  • A few gut loving sweet treats which feature plenty of chocolate!
Please Note: This recipe book is not low fodmap but contains steps to replace those foods that can commonly cause issues. All the recipe are Wheat free and gluten free if you source gluten free oats. Three dishes contain cheese which can be omitted and all yoghurt & kefir containing recipes have options for dairy or non-dairy. I’ve included a combination of easy and more complex dishes. Everyone’s standard of quick & easy is different but I think you’ll find some of these more complex recipes are worth the effort.

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