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I offer the unique perspective of having Hashimoto's myself so together with my Nutritionist qualifications, clinical experience and training as a Metabolic Balance and G.E.M.M. practitioner, I'm able to offer you a highly personalised and streamlined treatment method that addresses your individual needs and gets you results you can brag about. There are a number of ways you can work with me. Interested? Scroll on...


You're in the right place!

Have you realised that you can't afford to DIY your health any longer? I get it, the internet is a confusing place. Every Jane, Susan & Karen has an opinion. But if you're honest with yourself, what has it done for you so far? I'm guessing, like most the women I speak with each week, very modest results. I can provide you with the information you need to finally understand how your gloriously complicated body ticks then craft a plan and support you to the very end.

You need a crystal clear plan, expert guidance & accountability from someone who understands your thyroid condition, a fairy godmother if you will.


verb, to do well & prosper; be fortunate or successful. to grow or develop vigorously; to flourish: 
1. to grow strongly and vigorously
2. to do well; prosper
3. to flourish



"After 12 weeks I’m no longer bloated, have lost 10kg, have less brain fog & inflammation, much better sleep and more predictable periods with much less pain & irritability"

released 10kg in 12 weeks



"I noticed an improvement in all areas of my health pretty much straight away including pain free movement, no autoimmune flare ups and the weight I did not think I would be able to budge, released and still maintained relatively easily" 

released 8kg of Hashi's weight gain in 4 weeks & got her energy to 10/10


Learn, process & apply what I teach at your own pace with one of my online courses. The most economical way to work with me.


Together we can tailor a private package to suit your personal health needs with frequent 1:1 sessions to get your results fast, by application only.


A mixture of 1:1 and group coaching sessions so you can get personalised support and smash your health goals within a few months.


Ways we can work Together

You just need a clear plan to follow with expert accountability & support in a method that you can be confident works for Hashimoto's disease. 


This one is for you if you're ready to make some serious changes around here.  A step by step program that transforms the metabolic health of women with Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism so they can regain their energy & maintain a healthy weight with ease. Combining 1:1 sessions & group accountability sessions for a personalised treatment plan with a likeminded community to back you up.

My signature program and most popular service. Commit to a 4 month deep dive with me and smash your Hashimoto's health goals. 

The Thrive Method

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Private Coaching

Apply now to get a quote for a private coaching package to suit your unique health needs, time frame and goals. Please note I only see women in The Thrive Method so this is the only way to work with me if you are male. This service starts at $3,000aud for three months. 

You want results. Fast. With regular contact, coaching & support as well as personalised nutrition you are ready to finally succeed.


You know you need lots of 1:1 support & accountability and would prefer not to work in a group.

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Food Freedom

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Topics I cover include goal setting for powerful habit mastery, emotional eating, hunger & cravings, self sabotage in addition to the basics like portion sizes, what foods should make up most of your daily eating and my helpful meal formula. It’s also the most cost effective way of working with me if 1:1 is beyond reach at the moment. 

An online course to help you conquer your relationship with food & maintain a healthy weight for good.


You are good at taking action under your own steam & prefer guidelines & principles that you can absorb & action in your own time rather than a detailed plan to follow and intensive 1:1 sessions with me.

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The first step to working with me is to book a free health chat so I can make sure you are a good candidate for my program. 

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