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What if it were possible to bring back your twenty-something-year-old energy levels and finally get clear on what you need to do to lose that stubborn weight? 

Hashimoto’s can have us feeling like we’re stuck in slow motion

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Fed up and want to know my #1 strategy to help women with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease maintain a healthy weight?⁠ This guide outlines the most important steps you can take to release stubborn weight and provides five actions steps you can start today.

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Using real, simple food and a balanced common sense approach you can give the flick to fad diets, restrictive eating & food FOMO. Hashimoto's doesn't have to call the shots on healthy weight maintenance or exhaustion any longer. There is hope.

Nutrition coaching for women who want to Thrive

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Looking for how we can work together? There are several options from digital, to group and private support. I've got something for every Hashimoto's woman seeking a new lease on life.


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Over five years worth of informative blog posts on all things Hashimoto's, womens health, gut, autoimmunity, food, a fulfilling life and everything in between including case studies & real life results from my clients. Search by category to start exploring now.

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“First class!!! Really easy to speak to, with profound knowledge. If you are having dietary issues then look no further.”


- John

I'm Tessa, this is my little corner of the big wide web and I'm pleased as punch you've stopped by to say Hi. Feel free to put your feet on the coffee table, poke around through my things and settle in. I'll put the kettle on.

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P.S. If you want to learn more about my Hashimoto's journey, who I serve and how, click the button below.

“Tessa is a knowledgeable and caring nutritionist who does whatever is necessary to help her clients.”


- Katie

Every fortnight I send out a little Hello from me to you. It's always got some helpful tidbits for making your Hashi's health goals a reality.

I'm generous so I also send out recipes and other freebies which aren't available elsewhere. You might also hear abut a free workshop I'm hosting or other events I think you might be interested in.

Integrity is very important to me so I respect your time (and brain space!) and only touch base once a fortnight, nooo maam there is no spam! If you're thinking about collaborating with me on your health journey then it's a good way to see if you think we are a good fit too.

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Tried Everything & Still Exhausted?

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Mum with Hashi's regains energy, balances hormones & loses 4kg

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"Tessa’s coaching provided me with the understanding and knowledge of what was occurring on a physical level and her online modules empowered me to change my mindset. I am a few months in and I’m so grateful that I stuck with it, I have lost weight, most nights I sleep like a baby, my digestion is pain-free and I feel fantastic."


- Tiesha

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The Top 5 Hashi's Weight Loss Myths

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