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Why I don’t recommend smoothies in winter

Why I don’t recommend smoothies in winter

If you’ve been a client of mine that has had gastrointestinal discomfort you’ll know I often talk about the digestive fire – the acidity in our bellies that breaks down our food efficiently.

Now what do you think happens when around 500ml of icy cold liquid (often with a ton of fruit added) is poured over the digestive fire? It can cause a lot of discomfort! Especially in winter, when we are already cold. Make sure you listen to your body if you experience bloating, nausea, reflux or heaviness after drinking a smoothie. What is ’normal’ is not feeling your food digest at all.

So if smoothies aren’t recommended in winter, what about in the warmer weather? Well, it all depends on the individual. If you’re experiencing symptoms of GI discomfort, then the advice is to steer clear. But if you must have them, sip it slowly over a longer period of time. We want to avoid the large dump of liquid into the belly.

Now, there are always exceptions.

If you’re really feeling the need for a smoothie in winter time, why don’t you try a lovely warming smoothie? Banana, hemp and cinnamon are a great combination, and warming it up is much gentler on your digestive system. Just make sure to keep to a good ratio of fruit (1 serve), vegetables (1-2 serves) and add in some good fats.

Unsure whether you should even be considering smoothies? Let’s chat.