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Tara shares her Thrive Method results

June 13, 2023

10kg & asthma be gone! Tara’s Thrive Method results

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In this short interview I chat with Thrive Method alumni Tara about her experience in the program. You can read the transcript below:

Tessa: Thank you so much for joining me, Tara. You’ve just finished up four months in the Thrive method and you agreed to answer some questions and have a little chat with me. And I’m very, very grateful. It’s been a lot of fun working with you. I’ll ask a few questions if that’s all right.

Tara: Sure.

Tessa: Where were you at health wise before you started the Thrive Method?

Tara: I was exhausted. I was overweight and bloated. had pretty bad pain in most of my joints.
What else? Oh, my asthma was quite bad as well. I didn’t have my asthma under control. So yeah. breakouts, you know, hormonal sort of things.

Tessa: Awesome. And so what have the tangible results been for you after completing The Thrive Method?

Tara: Well, I’ve lost weight, obviously. Lost quite a bit of weight. What else? I’m much more clear headed. I’ve got way more energy. My asthma is under control. I can actually walk without getting out of breath.

Tessa It’s not fun when you’re sort of struggling to breathe.

Tara: I’ve had to tighten my belt at work otherwise, my pants are falling down.

Tessa: Your sleep has been a major thing for you as well.

Tara: Oh, yeah. My sleep, hot flushes, they’ve pretty much disappeared. And yeah, my sleep is just like, I come home, have my magnesium go to bed and I’m out. I feel like I wake up feeling so much better, like way more energy and a clear head.

Tessa: I love hearing that. That’s awesome. Any surprising or unexpected benefits that you found through the program?

Tara: Yeah. So controlling my asthma was a surprising one.

Tessa: When you work on that that systemic inflammation, it’s going to impact the way your body’s responding to allergies and your immune function too. It’s fascinating.

Tara: It’s so good. I mentioned to you the other day, hubby’s lost weight, even though he’s not doing the program and he eats very different to me, he’s lost weight as well.

Tessa: That is unexpected!

Tara: Very much, very much. The fact that I now crave all the good foods and sweets that I used to love don’t really they don’t interest me. And I’ll try something I used to like and I didn’t really like that and or it just was too much sugar or whatever.

Tessa: It’s amazing when your taste buds become more attuned to the flavors of nature.

Tara: Yeah. I always crave the better food, which is lovely. But also, like changing my skincare and my hair care, and wanting to change those things and the stuff I use around the house for cleaning. So it’s just like, everything’s better. I want to do everything better for me and my family.

Tessa: That’s awesome. Is that all the information you gleaned in some of the modules?

Tara: Yeah, I’m slowly building my MooGoo goodies.

Tessa: skincare, love it!

Tara: And I love it. I think it’s fantastic. It’s beautiful stuff.

Tessa: You’ve had improvements to your skin too.

Tara: I really have. Yes. I think I told you, my sister said I look like I’ve got a filter on.

Tessa: That’s nice!

Tara: Yeah, it was nice. When people start to notice and compliment you.

Tessa: It’s a nice confidence boost.

Tara: Yeah, that’s it.

Tessa: So what are you able to do now that you couldn’t before The Thrive method?

Tara: Sleep Better.

Tessa: Yes, awesome. A pretty important foundation right there.

Tara: It is indeed, it is indeed. Getting out and exercising. So I’m doing more walking. Like I said, just being able to walk without puffing is just beautiful. I’m thinking much more clearer. And I just feel almost feel like I’m the Energizer Bunny. Whereas before, normally, because I’m on three weeks leave and ordinarily, I would just, I’d have all these things, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that and none of it would get done. I’d just be in bed or I’d be just lying on the couch, vegging out in front of the telly. But now I’m doing stuff and it feels really good.
Tessa: Getting through your day and not even really thinking about it is exciting. Was it you telling me that you can bend down and stand up again now without pain?
Tara: I don’t know, but I can. My knees were terrible. And for probably from when I had COVID onwards, my knees were really shocking. My feet still aren’t great. But that’s not a pain thing. That’s just they get cold. But yeah, I can. I was doing something. I’m like, Oh, I’m down and I can get up!

Tessa: Yeah, so when you’re under a certain age, you take that for granted. It’s just another result of that, that systemic inflammation decreasing. And most of that is just food, isn’t it? That’s the main thing that we’re working on. There were a few supplements, a couple of little things you were taking with there.

Tara: Yeah, so the GEMM protocol.

Tessa: Some magnesium.

Tara: Iron and vitamin D at the start. But that’s it, I’ve stopped having that now.

Tessa: Well, like I said, it’s been such a pleasure. Just witnessing, you transform and go through the program. So thank you so much. I really, really appreciate it.

Tara: Thank you. I’m so glad that I don’t know how Brenda found you but you’ve helped the three of us. So it’s been fantastic.

Tessa: I don’t know. I think someone from her work. It spreads like wildfire because when you see a friend or family member, you know thriving and doing really well, it’s like, what’s going on? And it spreads to someone else. So I don’t even know how you guys got onto it, but it’s great and I’m very, glad.

Tara: Yeah, me too.

If you want to chat about whether The Thrive Method is right for you, make a booking for a free health with me here.

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