In 13 simple steps I demystify what 'healthy' food really is, how your metabolism works & help you create a clear understanding of what exactly should be going on your plate. It won't take up a lot of your time but it will give you clarity and confidence.

Simple & Actionable

A Holistic approach

If it was as simple as knowing what to do you wouldn't be struggling with food. You need to address the psychology & mindset behind your relationship with food to truly succeed.

Food Freedom

What can you expect?

A series of videos (average 11mins) & actionable handouts that address the role of food in reaching your health goals. Expect strategies on overcoming self sabotage & emotional eating alongside my portion guide, food lists & super practical things like meal planning. Comprehensive and designed to provide you with the tools to transform your health and the way you view and interact with food, glorious food!

A digital program

Food can be your ally to abundant energy, confidence in your favourite clothes & a life lived to the full. Or, it can trap you in a cycle of confusion, foggy shame & weight gain with no victory in sight. Food Freedom is not Hashimoto's specific but the principles apply to anyone trying to repair their relationship with food, learn how their body works, how to eat for long lasting health and health weight maintenance & gain true food freedom. It’s part Yoda, part Samwise Gamgee and part Fairy Godmother.

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Step 1 Goal Setting & The Four Stages of Transformation
  • Master the mindset strategies to find food freedom & ditch dieting & food anxiety for good.
Step 2 Affirmations & Visualisation

  • Create powerful goals & affirmations that will see you through to the end of your health journey & beyond.
Step 3 Guiding Principles of Healthy Eating
  • Discover principles you can follow rather than strict rules & dieting approaches.
Step 4 Working With Your Metabolism 
  • Learn how your metabolism works so you can make your daily eating work in your metabolic favour for healthy weight maintenance.
  • Recognise the importance of blood sugar regulation for healthy weight maintenance & metabolic health.

Want a peek inside?

Step 9 Emotional Eating
  • Discover what you are really hungry for & put a plan in place for when you reach for food to self soothe.
Step 10 Self Sabotage
  • Understand & apply the key strategies around emotional eating & self sabotage so that you can get long lasting results.
Step 11 Stress Sabotage
  • Implement strategies to prevent chronic stress from stealing your results.
Step 12 Eating Out Well
  • Have the tools at your disposal to eat out joyfully without sabotaging your results. 
Step 13  Movement You Love
  • Implement a movement routine you love and make sure it sticks with my mental rehearsal visualisation.

Are you ready to find Food Freedom?

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OFFER: If you decide that my unique approach is for you and you want to work with me personally in The Thrive Method or a Private Coaching Package within 12 months of purchase, I will deduct the cost of this program from your enrolment.

Plus a 53 page guidebook so you can action what you've learnt with checklists, handouts and charts.

Step 5 Planning Your Plate & Portions
  • Finally uncover the right portion sizes for your individual needs so you can enjoy satiating meals and say goodbye to over eating.
  • Learn how to create a balanced meal that provides your body with everything it needs for you to feel amazing.
Step 6 The Organised Kitchen
  • Organise your space so you feel excited to get into the kitchen and get creative with simple & fresh whole food.
  • Start meal planning & batch cooking like a boss to multiply your chance of success and long term healthy habit change.
Step 7 Conscious Eating
  • Learn how conscious eating can improve your digestion, improve your health and prevent you from overeating.
Step 8 Honouring Hunger & Satiety
  • Identify the difference between cravings and true hunger so you can curb binge eating.

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