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June 2021

My 3 Principles for Doing Treats Well

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My 3 Principles for Doing Treats Well

Ever wondered how I approach treats? Did I Quit sugar like everyone else? I’m sharing my THREE principles when it comes to enjoying a special treat in the vlog today. You’ll find it’s a really healthy mental framework for approaching parties and your favourite sweet treats.

Principle One: Make treats an experience by anchoring them in rituals like family traditions and then eating them mindfully, enjoying every, single, bite. It’s not necessary to forsake all sweet foods in order to be healthy. Participate in celebratory treats like birthday cake without guilt if that’s what you want. Unless of course you are chronically ill or you are diabetic, then it’s important to honour your body and find alternatives.

Principle Two: Treats aren’t treats if you have them everyday. You can work out your own limits but for me I usually enjoy treats when we go out to dinner, attend a wedding or birthday party or sometimes just because our family wanted make something special and fun on a Friday night. This ends up being roughly once a week.

Principle Three: Quality over Quantity! Be selective, enjoy higher quality treats indulgently rather than frequently.

Some of my favourite treats as mentioned in this video:

  • Jo Whitton’s Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse (not an avo in sight)
  • Five AM Vanilla Yoghurt with poached apples or pears
  • Handmade Gelato
  • Pana Ice Cream
  • Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate
  • Loco Love Chocolates

Do you feel like you need some help with mindful eating? Check out my Conscious Eating eCourse, 6 Days of Digestion, it’s packed with information that will help you slow down and be better friends with your food & your tummy. The introductory price is ending soon.

In Your Health,