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3 tips for a reflux free Christmas

By December 20, 2019Uncategorized

Worried about how your gut is going to cope over the Holidays?

  1. Eat mindfully, slowly and chew well. Pay attention to your stomach and appetite cues. When you feel comfortably full, stop eating. An overfull stomach puts a lot of pressure on your lower oesophageal sphincter.
  2. Watch out for trigger foods like high sugar, refined carbohydrate, fatty or rich foods. Enjoy modest amounts and balance your meals with plenty of fresh salads and colourful vegetables. Alcohol is also a major trigger. Drink mindfully and stick to modest quantities of high quality wine or clean spirits like vodka or gin with soda & lemon or lime.
  3. Half an hour before you eat drink a cup of fresh grated ginger tea so get your stomach all fired up and ready to digest. I have a great Tummy Tea recipe, email me for a copy if you’re interested. You can drink it before and after meals to help the digestive process go a lot more smoothly.

Most importantly, enjoy the special bond of shared food with loved ones. 


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