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Your health is seasonal, too

By September 8, 2020Health

Your health is seasonal, too

Spring has sprung, and it’s been a very welcome seasonal change as myself along with many others are still in lockdown here in Victoria, Australia. Many of whom are suffering from chronic health conditions – including those involving the gut – and stress is at an all-time high. There is an overwhelming sense of loss of hope and many of us are feeling the Groundhog Day effects.

Seasons provide rhythm and a sense of change. But it’s also got me thinking about the seasonal changes in other cultures and how they may be interpreted.
According to Indigenous Australians, we are currently in Djilba – the season of conception – a period where it’s less wet, with warmer days and cool evenings. Then in October we move into Kambarang – the season of birth. How fitting is this right now!

I invite you to lean in to this new season, not just welcoming the change but adjusting your diet to eat seasonally, too.

We need to stop being so compartmentalised and rigid with our understanding of health in 24 hours time periods and look at how far we’ve come, especially during such a difficult year. Expecting so much each day can be defeating.
So what I suggest is to take a trip back in time with your health and review where you’re at now compared to where you were a year ago. What changed? How did it change with the seasons? Celebrate the little wins. Remember, small changes compound. Often we see smaller changes on the outside but there’s been some huge physiological shifts on a cellular level.

So what small bite-sized steps can you take today that will impact your future? What does you future self need and how will it feel to succeed? If you need some guidance, please feel free to book in for your free health chat here.