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Why you should get microbiome testing

By July 21, 2020Gut Health

Why you should get microbiome testing

(And make it part of your family health plan)

Have gut issues? Or maybe you just really want to optimise your health? Microbiome testing is something I do with pretty much all of my clients as the results are both actionable and measurable (and don’t worry, it’s also non-invasive and can be easily done at home!).

A microbiome test might be relevant if you:

  • Have chronic constipation or diarrhoea. Some bacteria cause a lot of Methane gas production which can slow down your digestion and cause wind, discomfort and constipation. Whereas other bacterial overgrowths produce a gas called hydrogen sulphide which is associated with diarrhoea, sulphur smelling wind and abdominal pain and inflammation.We need to know your bacteria profile so we can work with adapting your body to suppress or balance the gas-causers and then populate the ones who will give you long-term benefit and relief.
  • Experience pain in your abdomen. Always feeling sore or tender in the belly? We need to check if you have certain highly-inflammatory bacteria which is producing hydrogen sulphide gases, causing visceral hypersensitivity. And if so, we identify, action and eradicate!
  • Suffer from brain fog and fatigue. This is closely linked to dysbiosis and so by rebalancing the gut we can clear the fog and drive up energy.
  • Have depression or anxiety. The bacterial phylum that’s responsible for the production of neurotransmitters – like calming GABA – can be detected by a microbiome test, so by knowing what these levels are we’re able to work with the body to produce more neurotransmitters naturally.
  • Have troubled hormones. Heard of the estrogen-gut axis? If that’s out of whack then high-estrogen conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis or uncomfortable menstrual cycle symptoms could point to elevated beta-glucuronidase – which, you guessed it, is associated with certain bacterial overgrowths and can be detected via microbiome testing.
  • Experience chronic thrush or UTI’s. Get tested – it’s often caused by elevated E. coli levels and once we know what we’re working with, it can make a huge difference to your symptoms.

Want to get your own roadmap to your inner health? Let’s chat so we can explore your insides.