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Three ways to do a digestion reset

By November 17, 2020Digestion

Three ways to do a digestion reset

Gut rest; it’s exactly what it sounds like – giving your gut a break from digesting and processing food.
And it is one of the most valuable therapeutic tools you have at your fingertips when you are really inflamed and reacting to everything!

Now in today’s vlog I’ve outlined the three main methods to rest your digestion below, but remember to speak to your GP or health professional first as they are not suitable for everybody.

  • Only consuming liquids for a day. We are talking nothing but water or herbal tea (make sure you don’t react to the tea first!). This method is generally safe for very short periods of time. Again, speak with your GP.
  • Eating easy-to-digest foods for a few days. This can either be plain broth or a broth-based soup with softly cooked vegetables and easy to digest protein like fish or chicken. I personally use and recommend Gevity bone broth concentrates (they are $35 and will give you one serve per day for a month – contact me to order) or if you’re a DIY kinda person check out my broth recipe here. NOTE: if you have histamine issues avoid this method.
  • Undertaking an elemental diet. This can either be done yourself or via a practitioner only formula (which tastes better!), and is essentially a liquid diet that contains all of the nutrients that you need. The crux of this diet is that it’s absorbed quite high in the digestive tract, thus giving most of your small and large intestines a much needed rest. The elemental diet is particularly good for IBS sufferers as they are often nutritionally depleted due to impaired digestion. Research suggests the ED can even help put IBD into remission! Bonus: it’s also fantastic for SIBO sufferers too! If the elemental diet is sparking your interest, book in to have a chat with me as it is a practitioner-only formula so you will need to be a client for this one.

So there are the three ways you can really give your gut a digestion reset, especially when you are in an acute flare up and need some relief fast. If you want help figuring out which method would be best, you can book in a free call with me here, and as always, please forward this information onto someone who may need it. If you try out my chicken bone broth recipe, let me know how you went.

If you’re keen to learn how to hack your digestion in mini bite sized daily videos then keep an eye out for the release of my upcoming 6 Days of Digestion eCourse this side of Christmas.