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5 kitchen hacks that save you time and energy

By | Lifestyle, Metabolic Balance, Mindset, Recipes, Whole foods
5 kitchen hacks that save you time and energy

Does it feel like you’re spending waaaaaay too much time in the kitchen and when you’re not in the kitchen you’re thinking about what to cook? Feeding ourselves and our family can take up a lot of brain power and add to our mental load significantly but with a few strategic habits you can cut that time and mental load in half.

1. Stop snacking

Plan three nutritious and filling meals per day. The only exception is if you’re an athlete, child or are pregnant or breastfeeding. The snacking mindset has you going back to the kitchen every couple of hours checking the fridge, checking the pantry, checking the fridge again. Instead, plan three main meals around a protein source and be amazed as you don’t even think about food for a few hours. This is a key concept that my Metabolic Balance clients work through and gain big results from, too.

2. Meal plan

As mentioned before, the brain power and mental load it takes to actually think about what to have for dinner every day can really suck the joy out of being in the kitchen. Leaving meal planning to the few hours before you’re to eat can lend the process to be rushed, stressful and actually push us into that sympathetic nervous system state (fight or flight). If we are in this state, we are not absorbing and metabolising our food as we should be.

HINT: create two or three different weeks of meals, and rotate them. You’re still getting the variety but without having to meal plan every single week once you’re in this habit.

3. Shop once weekly

Have a plan, then execute. If we spend time writing out the meal plan, don’t drop the ball when it comes to collecting what is needed to follow through. One big weekly shop will save you so much more time and energy (and money, trust me!) than smaller shops throughout the week.

4. Batch cook

Lentil curry one night, lentil curry pies with GF pastry the next yummmm.
Or spaghetti bolognaise morphing into a shepherds pie for the next day.
And a super versatile one: leftover roast vegetables being used for lunch the next day, simply paired with some goats cheese and fresh greens.

This hack is a favourite time saver of mine. So much so that I’ve created a mini batch cooking recipe book – you can grab it for free here.

5.  Keep it simple! 

We seem to way over complicate our evening meals, but in reality you can create a healthy meal that is super simple and quick. In summer we are lucky to be able to get away with a lot more raw and fresh foods so dinner can be as simple as a piece of grilled meat alongside a salad with dressing.

Just make sure that your meal structure contains these key aspects: protein, good fats, complex carbs, vegetables and colour.

Hint: Have quick proteins ready to base your meal around, tinned tuna, salmon or sardines, pre-cooked chicken breast, boiled eggs, goats cheese, yoghurt, legumes, etc. I posted recently about getting a roast chook and making a salad. Nothin’ wrong with that!

We often don’t do these things because we think we don’t have time to be that organised, but in reality you can’t afford NOT to be this organised! And as you can see, with a little conscious thought and preparation, these hacks are super simple and easily integrated into your life.

I would love to hear how you’re putting these kitchen hacks into action! Please hit reply (I absolutely love reading your responses!) or tag me on Instagram and Facebook.

4 Recipe Blogs I always visit at Easter

By | Recipes

4 Recipe Blogs I always visit at Easter

Well it’s Easter time which means we are well and truly into 2021. I think we’ve got to take any celebration offered to us by the horns this year, don’t you think?

So totally enjoy some chocolate this Easter, and hot cross buns, and family time, and long weekend feast… but try to eat mindfully, chew slowly, savour each mouthful and listen to your body. There is no need to deprive yourself but there is also no need to lose control and eat so much that you no longer feel good.

Recipe Freebie!

I wanted to share one of my all time favourite chocolate recipes that I have been making regularly for about 8 years now, I know the recipe by heart. You can find the download for my Peppermint Patty recipe here. Did you eat Peppermint Patties when you were a kid? I sure did! I make these alll the time and I actually think they are an improvement on the original so trust me, you do not feel like you are compromising because they are decadently good! Hot tip from me, keep some in the freezer, they make amazing frozen treats.

But considering recipe development and food photography are really not high on my list of skill sets I wanted to share four of the recipe blogs I have been following for years and always check for delicious sweet treat recipes. The following four women are much more proficient in recipe blogging than I am!

  1. Wholefoods Simply https://wholefoodsimply.com/
  2. Teresa Cutter The Healthy Chef (her Naked Chocolate Cake is a celebration staple in our house!) https://thehealthychef.com/blogs/recipes
  3. Quirky Cooking if you have a Thermomix https://www.quirkycooking.com.au/
  4. Cyndi O’Meara’s Healthy Habits blog https://changinghabits.com.au/our-recipes/

So if you are looking for some Easter inspo you won’t be disappointed!

In my video this fortnight I’ve also got some exciting news! IBS month starts tomorrow and I’ve been working hard on some offerings.

  • Coming up is the launch of my 6 Days of Digestion mini eCourse! Finally!
  • I’m also opening an online store with a few select products that I use in clinic and have been able to source for retail!
  • And…I’m now a Metabolic Balance Practitioner! I’ll be sharing more about MB in the coming weeks.

I’ll see you around!


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My Simple Wrap Recipe

By | Digestion, Gut Health, Recipes, Whole foods

My Simple Wrap Recipe

Today I’m filming from my kitchen to give you a how-to video of how I make my wraps. These will be a part of the wholefoods recipe book I am releasing as part of the launch of my 6 Days of Digestion mini eCourse in early December. The recipe book is full of meals that are easy on the digestive system.

When it comes to food choices I think there are three ways that those suffering with IBS can get themselves into strife.

  • Frankenfoods! Processed and lab made to look and taste like food, but they’re really just imitations. Processed foods like two minute noodles, many cereals and processed grains, vegetable oils and confectionary are so foreign to the human body that it has a lot of trouble digesting it and assimilating any nutrients. Aim for the 80/20 guide, whereby you consume whole foods 80% of the time.
  • Unbalanced meals. Eating foods rich in particular macro nutrients can cause a lot of trouble. The best example that comes to mind are pastries & deep fried food. Meat pies for example are very high in fat & carbohydrates and contain little fibre to help the body with digestion.
  • Food intolerances. Continuing to consume foods that are causing inflammation will keep you stuck on the merry ground of digestive misery.

All three of these mistakes can be contributing to IBS symptoms.

These wraps are an alternative to the packaged and processed ones, higher in protein, tastier (I think!) that treat your body a little better! Download the full recipe here. Fill them full of leftovers for lunches, use in Mexican dishes such as enchiladas (they also make good tortillas), savoury crepes or change it up with some vanilla paste to make a healthier sweet treat crepe dish.

If you give these a go make sure to tag me so I can see you enjoy these too!
And as always, please share this content with someone in your life who could also benefit from some super simple and easy food ideas! And please keep an eye out for my new eCourse.

3 Simple Gut Loving Lunches

By | Gut Health, Recipes

3 simple gut loving lunches

Without a plan, your day can become an all day snack fest…which is actually really bad for your gut health!
Now I love healthy wholefoods but I definitely have a criteria when it comes to lunches – it needs to be delicious, quick and do-able! I don’t have the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen everyday. I wish I could channel Nigella at times, but I’m a working mum and it’s just not realistic!

The key is to choose meals where you can batch cook, make large amounts and freeze them. Meals that have infinite variety so you never get bored, and that bulk up your veg intake which is super important for fibre and gut health.

So there are three cheap, tasty and easy lunch meals that I make a lot. And I actually love them so much I could rotate these everyday for the rest of my life and still be satisfied!

  • Soups.
    Enhance them with anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger, turmeric and herbs, plus add in gut-loving polyphenols, onions, garlic, legumes – the potential here is endless. Take it a step further and add in 1tsp of bone broth concentrate to your bowl too, which will help with tissue repair. Or potatoes, where once the soup is cooled & reheated it becomes resistant starch which your gut bugs love.
    TIP: try sprinkling some dried seaweed on top for an extra mineral boost.
  • Frittata.
    The perfect family-friendly, tummy-filling meal. Serve with a side of leafy greens drizzled with olive oil or apple cider vinegar. Pack it full of prebiotic foods like sweet potato, onion & garlic and add some coriander for an amazing taste combo.
  • Roast veggie leftover bowl.
    Step 1: roast a big batch of seasonal veggies to last a few days.
    Step 2: come lunch time, throw together said veggies into a bowl with anything you have in your fridge or pantry. Some ideas are: leafy greens, feta, halloumi, avocado, hummus, tahini, quinoa, rice, chicken, tinned tuna or salmon, falafels, boiled eggs. These veggies literally pair with just about anything! Finish off your roast veggie bowl with a sprinkle of toasted seeds.

So if you’re struggling to know what to eat for lunch or how to prepare meals for work that won’t sabotage all your gut health efforts at home, ask yourself, what soup or frittata can I make on Monday to have in the fridge to go all week?

Please share your creations and tag me, I’d love to see!

Why I am not a fan of smoothies

By | Digestion, Gut Health, Recipes, Whole foods
Why I am not a fan of smoothies

I break ranks with the rest of the nutrition world on this one. Smoothies are the darling of social media and wellness advocates everywhere (in fact we’ve all seen them on our feeds ad nauseam) but I will only recommend them in certain circumstances.

Smoothies are a popular breakfast choice for many people, but they may not be the best option during winter and particularly not for anyone with impaired digestion like those with Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism.

There are thyroid hormone receptors in the gut so when you aren’t getting enough of those hormones gut function can slow and decline. Thyroid antibodies can also bind to hydrochloric acid producing cells of the stomach lining decreasing stomach acid production.

The stomach environment is meant to be super acidic with a pH of 1-2.

You need plenty of digestive fire (acidity & lots of it) to properly break down food. If that isn’t the case then you can wind up with uncomfortable digestive symptoms like burping & bloating as food sits too long high up in the GI tract for too long. What do you think happens when you suddenly poor a tall glass of icy cold, wet liquid into a stomach with low acid?

Hisssss… (that’s the sound of you digestive fire being put out).

Pepsin, the fancy name for the enzyme that helps you absorb protein, needs a pH environment of under 3. Eeeeek! What’s happening to your fancy collagen protein powder now?!

In order to extract and absorb nutrients from the food we eat we need that digestive fire to take the first step and break our food down into a sludgy substance called chyme. If it can’t do that we are at risk of nutrient deficiencies. And guess what?! Stomach acid production relies on sufficient levels of several nutrients. Yep, it’s a nasty cycle.

My other bugbear with smoothies is their temperature. Hypothyroidism lowers the metabolic rate making you (literally) colder. This can make winter a pretty miserable time for those with slow thyroid function. Being cold all the time can make you grumpy & uncomfortable so why not give yourself a lovely hot & easy to digest breakfast that warms you up. Ancient medicinal practices like Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine promote the consumption of hot foods in winter with avoidance of cold drinks and it really makes sense doesn’t it?

Try these winter breakfast options:

  • An omelette with sautéed vegetables and goats cheese.
  • Porridge (if tolerated) with stewed apple, cinnamon and natural yoghurt.
  • Loaded toast is a favourite of mine, smashed avo, topped with pan fried chicken, sprinkled with cracked pepper, chilli and salt flakes if you like some kick with a side of sautéed spinach & mushrooms.

If you are still going to have smoothies, why not try warming them up and sipping on them slowly? I hear a warm banana smoothie bowl with cinnamon is sensational.

What’s your favourite winter breakfast?