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food poisoning

Do you actually have low stomach acid?

By | Digestion, Gut Health, Health, Nutritional

Last week we established why stomach acid is NOT the bad guy but in fact essential to your health. This week I explore the common symptoms I see that are major red flags for low stomach acid. 

  • Do you suffer with a full uncomfortable feeling inbetween your ribs after eating? Burping, acid reflux, nausea, heartburn, bloating and distension within around 60 minutes of eating are all red flags that your stomach is struggling to do its job
  • Have you been diagnosed with Helicobacter pylori? This infection can seriously impede your body’s ability to produce stomach acid
  • Due to lowered absorption of nutrients you may also have brittle & peeling fingernails, hair loss or thinning hair, white zinc spots on your fingernails or fatigue
  • Greasy and floating stools with visible food particles are a sign that your digestion is impaired which is often due to lowered levels of stomach acid
  • You may have noticed that you seem to be more susceptible to food poisoning or gastro infections too 

    Does this sound familiar?

    Join me next week as I discuss reflux, what actually is it?


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