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Hay fever; a gut problem?

By September 22, 2020Uncategorized

Hay fever; a gut problem?

Does everything relate to the gut?! Surely not hay fever…it’s at the opposite end of the body for goodness sake!
But wait, not so fast. I may sound like a broken record but 70-80% of immune function occurs in the gut, so if you have hay fever you most likely have compromised GI health. This could be from a poorly developed gut modulated immune system from infancy, or from a gut under stress or inflammation.

Personally, I was never a hay fever or allergy sufferer until I had the year from gut health hell when all my GI issues seem to come to a head, then BOOM. I really understood what my family and friends were going through!

So what actually happens inside our body when we suffer from hay fever?
When a substance comes into contact with a mucosal surface (think nostrils, lungs, GI tract), your immune cells interact and decide whether the substance is a threat. Signals are sent out to the rest of your body to be on alert and this is where the hay fever hypersensitivity starts.

So what can we do about it?

  • Avoid exposure: wear sunglasses outdoors, not heading out if it’s windy, smearing lip balm on the inside of your nostrils to protect that mucosal lining, and vacuuming regularly
  • Focus on microbiome restoration and gut health (a long term option, but start now!)
  • Ingest omega 3 fatty acids to drive down any inflammation
  • Take specific strains of probiotics that are allergy-specific (like LGG)
  • Consume nutrients that act like antihistamines (quercetin, zinc, vitamin C, ginger)
  • Focus on upping our vitamin D either through exposure and/or supplementation.

If you know anyone who suffers from hay fever please share this video, you may just help them get through the next few months! And if you’d like more ideas on how to restore your microbiome to start combating hay fever long-term, please book a free call with me.